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Conor Elder
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My journey from the dynamic energy of Fort McMurray's oil and gas industry to the precision of carpentry, and the competitive spirit of the Canadian bobsleigh team, has shaped a unique foundation for my real estate career. At Suncor, I learned the value of a strategic work ethic, and as a carpenter, I understood the importance of a relentless work ethic, traits that have become the cornerstones of my approach to real estate in Calgary. As a real estate agent, my background as a carpenter allows me to see beyond listings, understanding homes from the ground up. This, combined with my discipline from sports, drives my comprehensive approach – from staying ahead of market trends to finding off-market opportunities for clients seeking something beyond the ordinary. My entry into Calgary's luxury real estate market within just two years wasn't by chance; it was the result of a disciplined, client-focused approach. I'm not just about transactions; I'm about building relationships and wealth, aiming for financial freedom for myself and those I represent. Whether it's leveraging my market knowledge, my dedication to finding the best fit for my clients, or bringing strong negotiation skills to the table, I bring a blend of discipline, insight, and ambition to every deal. My approach ensures that every aspect of your real estate journey is handled with precision and your interests are fiercely represented. Let's navigate the path to your real estate goals together.