Conor Elder
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Conor Elder
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Real Estate Expertise with Integrity
With a foundation in home building and development, and corporate strategy in the oil and gas industry at Suncor, Conor seamlessly transitioned into real estate, driven by a deep-seated passion for property investment and development. His approach combines a builder’s insight with strategic acumen, setting a new standard in Calgary’s real estate market.

A Record of Excellence
Right from the start, Conor distinguished himself with a focus on listings and a unique ability to penetrate the luxury market, identifying off-market opportunities for discerning buyers. His commitment to providing strategic, results-focused service to sellers has rapidly established him as a leader in luxury and investment property dealings.

Market Mastery
Known for his rigorous market analysis and pulse on economic trends, Conor offers unparalleled advice to clients navigating Calgary’s dynamic real estate environment. This dedication ensures tailored strategies that align with client objectives, driving success in multifamily investments and beyond.

Client-Centric Philosophy
Integrity and honesty underpin Conor's client relationships. He prioritizes understanding each client’s unique needs, developing strategic plans that exceed expectations while fostering trust and long-term partnerships.

Balanced Professional Life
Beyond real estate, Conor is an avid Jiu Jitsu competitor and Ironman participant, reflecting his commitment to excellence and discipline. His life is a blend of professional ambition and personal passions, including family and outdoor activities.

Future Vision
Conor is focused on empowering clients towards financially savvy decisions, contributing to a robust future for Calgary’s market. His vision extends to becoming a top 1% producer, driven by a mission to enhance the city’s real estate landscape with informed, ethical guidance.

Inspiring Leadership
Demonstrating extreme ownership in all facets of life, Conor inspires both clients and peers to embrace growth and integrity. His commitment to excellence not only charts the path for his career but also sets a benchmark for the real estate industry.