Sherry Johnston

Years ago sherry was frustrated by her own experience of selling her own house. With her roles of management, being a business owner and having a business diploma she felt she had a lot to offer. She wanted to make sure her clients would never feel uncertainty of the process again.

Sherry's proven to been a force of nature in the real estate industry. It's a pleasure to have her aboard the getty group team and her warm spirit has brought great success. Sherry believes education and communication is key. Shes very knowledgable about the current market and her styles to give her clients the education they need to make a sold decision no matter what it is. An example of that is when it come to listings shell do the research as to what the best price is and then talk to her clients to come up with a decision together.

As soon as you meet sherry, her small town spirit sets you at ease. As you work with sherry you will see her attention to detail stand out. Shes organized, knowledgable and has ambition to work hard can't be undersold.

She lives by the motto work hard, play hard. In her spare time you can find her camping and riding her dirt bike with the family in the mountains. Sherrys also the secretary for a local off-road club, second gear club. They are focused on having family friendly races that anyone can enjoy across southern alberta.

Feel free to contact her for a home valuation or to find a new home for your family in a relaxed but yet professional atmosphere.